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Kristen A.
9 may 2023
Advantages I contacted Keith a little shy of a year ago regarding the documentation process to immigrate to South Korea. Upon our first discussion, Keith was very informative, described the entire process and ensured me that he’d be there every step of the way should I require any assist. With many hurdles, documentation being sent to Korea and back he constantly reassured me. Fast forward to the 8th of May 2023, I finally received the call to confirm that my visa was ready for collection! It was
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100 reviews
30 april 2023
HI Tasmin, pls can you advise which agents you dealt with, thank you
1 review
21 april 2023
i loved the service delivery, i still own the sneakers and they are very strong. khothatso is reliable!
114 reviews
Always h.
1 april 2023
Advantages Low levels of music. Condusive atmosphere for talking, laughing, connecting...
29 reviews
19 march 2023
Comment Guyz please open another office here in Zambia, u guys are the best logistics company in Africa.
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